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Monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics

NIST is engaged in multiple research efforts to advance the design, deployment, and assessment of maintenance-supporting capabilities (e.g., monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics) to increase reliability of and decrease downtime in manufacturing systems.

Manufacturing processes are becoming more complex, with increased integration of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, greater process reconfigurability to support product customization, and demands for higher precision. Technological evolution has also led to an increased awareness of manufacturing process performance and health through the generation and analysis of more targeted datasets. Learn more about NIST's research in this area.

Operation Tech Transfer

NIST Mechanical Engineer Brian A. Weiss recently partnered with a program called FedTech, which connects government inventors with entrepreneurs for potential commercialization of government-developed technologies. Brian’s research focuses on enhancing maintenance strategies for manufacturing operations. Learn more about Brian’s research and his experience working to get federally funded technologies and capabilities into the marketplace in the video below. Then go read more about Brian's tech transfer experience in his blog post.


Your toe bone is connected to your foot bone, then your heel bone, then your ankle bone … so when something hurts, doctors at your checkup can go down the line to see where the problem is. In NIST’s Engineering Laboratory, we’re doing the same thing for robot workcells.

Our team is developing fast, efficient ways to evaluate smart manufacturing systems so that manufacturers across the country can check up on the health of their robot workcells and locate problems when (and even before) they happen. That way, it saves time and money to keep business running smoothly.

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