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Competition Forms and Applicable Instructions

Forms At-A-Glance
1.  SF-424 (R&R) Application for Federal Assistance (View Only) 2.  Research and Related Other Project Information (View Only)
3.  NIST-1022, Technology Innovation Program (TIP) Proposal Information Sheet  (View Only) 4.  NIST-1022A, Other Joint Venture Members  (View Only)
5.  NIST-1022B, Contractors or Subrecipients  (View Only) 6.  NIST-1022C, Budget Narrative  (View Only)
7.  NIST-1022D, Third Party In-Kind Contributions  (View Only) 8.  NIST-1022E, Estimated Multi-Year Budget - Single Company  (View Only)
9.  NIST-1022F, Estimated Multi-Year Budget - Joint Venture  (View Only) 10.  NIST 1022G, Foreign-Owned Company Questionnaire  (View Only)
11.  NIST-1022H, R&D Work Performed Outside the United States by the Recipient or Contractor Questionnaire  (View Only) Sample JV Agreement and Intellectual Property Plan, March, 2010
12.  Examples: Entering Multiple Sources of Funds  

NOTE:  Reading the TIP Proposal Preparation Kit will facilitate submission of a proposal that meets the criteria in the Federal Funding Opportunity and complies with TIP format requirements.

Proposals may be submitted electronically through or in paper format (see TIP Proposal Preparation Kit). All proposals must have the SF-424 R&R and Other Related Project Information forms, the NIST-1022 forms, and a project narrative. The NIST-1022 forms are available for download below, the SF forms must be downloaded from the Grants.Gov website as part of the application if submitting electronically, or follow the instructions below to obtain fillable copies of the form for including with a paper submission.

  1. Go to
  2. Under For Applicants click "Find Grant Opportunities" on "Basic Search"
  3. Click inside the "Search by CFDA Number" box and enter Enter new CFDA Number
  4. On the "Search Results" page, click on the Technology Innovation Program
  5. On the "Technology Innovation Program" page, click on "Application"
  6. On the "Selected Grant Applications for Download" page, click on "download"
  7. On the "Download Opportunity Instructions and Application" page, download the Application Instructions and save to your computer
  8. On the "Download Opportunity Instructions and Application" page, click on the "Application Package"
  9. On the "Grant Application Package" page, scroll down to the "Mandatory Documents" box, highlight both the SF424 (R & R) and the Research & Related Other Project Information, click the => to move the forms to the "Mandatory Documents for Submission" box.
  10. In the "Mandatory Documents for Submission" box, highlight the SF424 (R & R), click "Open Form" and save the form to your computer
  11. Complete the forms, save and print a hard copy for submission.

The SF-424 (R&R) must be filled-out through the browser in order to receive the confirmation message that your package was received properly by, if submitting electronically.

Download for SF-424 R&R and Other Related Project Information Forms for paper submission.

NIST-1022, Technology Innovation Program (TIP) Proposal Information Sheet Click on link to activate form and save to your PC. Dynamic version for Electronic or Paper Submission

This fillable, dynamic version of the NIST-1022 (see [DOWNLOAD] link above) generates the appropriate forms in the NIST-1022 family in response to answers given on the first page and usa-button clicks on succeeding forms to generate additional pages when needed. The NIST-1022 is only available at this website. Forms must be filled out completely and in the order presented to avoid data loss. Please read the instructions completely before beginning.

For a viewable copy of the NIST-1022 family of forms and their instructions, click on the appropriate link in the table above. The form will appear first, followed by instruction page(s). Use these forms as worksheets to prepare your input to the fillable, PDF dynamic form. Each viewable PDF form is NOT fillable.

Created April 13, 2010, Updated April 8, 2011