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Remarks at NIST OAGi Spring Meeting

Welcome to the Spring meeting of OAGi. And, I understand that congratulations are in order—OAGi just turned 20! 

This is the 14th annual OAGi Spring meeting at NIST. I remember giving the very first welcome 14 years ago, so we've been working together for quite some time. 

NIST and OAGi have a common objective: to advance standards to assist organizations in achieving connectivity and interoperable manufacturing applications. Manufacturing organizations rely on OAGi standards to cut costs and enhance efficiencies in enterprise application systems integration. 

The Engineering Laboratory at NIST is working together with OAGi on a variety of projects with the theme of developing model-based approaches for standards to enable smart manufacturing, including: 

NIST chairs the OAGi Smart Manufacturing Working Group to formulate vision, establish collaborations, and initiate technical work enabling standards for smart manufacturing. 

NIST and OAGi sponsored a Workshop on Open Cloud Architectures for Smart Manufacturing just yesterday to help identify and prioritize technology and standards gaps critical to enabling cloud manufacturing services. 

NIST is developing an OAGi Semantic Refinement methodology. 

NIST is working with Land O' Lakes and the SMLC to extend OAGi specifications to meet smart manufacturing requirements for the food industry. 

NIST is working with the OAGi Quality Content Working Group to develop reference models for product characteristics and tests for quality management. 

To name just a few. 

So I'll close by thanking OAGi and Dave Connelly for the strong and productive relationship we've had over the years. 

And to wish you a productive Spring meeting.


Created July 1, 2015, Updated October 1, 2016