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Virtual Rapid Chloride Permeability Test

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The purpose of this form is to estimate the results of a rapid chloride permeability test (ASTM C1202) for a concrete mixture. For a user-specified concrete mixture, an estimate of the concrete's formation factor is obtained from an equation developed previously. The equation was developed with data for water-to-cement ratios ranging from 0.3 to 0.5, silica fume additions of 0 % to 10 % by mass, and aggregate volume fractions of 0.62 to 0.70. Given the formation factor and an estimate of the pore solution conductivity, the computation of the total charge passed during a rapid chloride permeability test is relatively straightforward. Please note that for the virtual test method, the reported result is for the concrete specimen of a user-specified size and is not adjusted to the nominal 3.75" diameter specimen as in the C 1202 standard test method.


The user can change the mixture proportions or test conditions and the total charge passed, along with the effective w/c ratio, estimated degree of hydration of the binder, estimated final temperature, and concrete density will be calculated. The Compute usa-button can be used to perform this calculation for the default parameters. If the user wishes to override the estimated degree of hydration, they can change that value and use the Recompute usa-button to update the total charge passed value. Also, the estimated final temperature can be manually copied to the final temperature in the test conditions box and the results recalculated in an iterative fashion (at the user's discretion).

Created May 22, 2013, Updated August 9, 2022