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Unit Manufacturing Process (UMP) Builder

The Unit Manufacturing Process (UMP) Builder allows researchers to record their UMP models according to the ASTM E3012-16 standard . 

One of the main drivers of the UMP Builder is to support the collection of UMP models for the RAMP 2018 competition. If you are planning to participate in RAMP 2018, you can use the UMP Builder to record your model submission.  The UMP Builder provides an interface for entering mathematical nist-equations and stores each in MathML format.  The UMP Builder also allows for PMML files  to be included into a UMP model.  After you build your UMP model, you can download it as an XML document to your local machine.  If you choose to use the UMP Builder to save your models, you can submit your UMPs to the system and browse them as you please. 

UMP Builder is a publicly available toolkit, developed at NIST.  UMP Builder has 5 main functions:

  • Build UMP:  UMP Builder provides a form generated by the updated UMP schema.  Users should fill out the form to the highest detail possible.  We provide two sample UMP models that were built through UMP Builder, a physics-based model of an Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) process and a data-driven model containing a PMML file of a milling process.  
  • Validate UMP: UMP Builder offers model validation against the XML schema definition (XSD) for UMP models.  This feature ensures that the input of your form is complete with respect to the UMP schema.  Note that this does not ensure correctness of the model or individual components of it.
  • Visualize UMP: UMP Builder automatically generates an interactive visualization of the build model, resembling the graphical representation presented in ASTM E3012-16. A fully expanded version of this visualization suits the requirements of the RAMP competition for the graphical representation.
  • Record UMP: UMP Builder also can serve as a repository of your models.  You can save either validated models or models that are a work-in-progress.  Your models are kept private and are not viewable for other users of the system.
  • Explore UMP repository: Once you record a set of models, UMP Builder offers various querying capabilities to explore the repository. You will be able to see only your own models.
Created January 26, 2018, Updated March 1, 2018