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SULFATE2 Software

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SULFATE2 is user-friendly software for computing the resistance of concrete to sulfate attack. The model was developed by Professor Barzin Mobasher at Arizona State University. It is a continuum model, which means that it solves coupled partial differential nist-equations for transport and reactions subject to known boundary conditions, without resolving microstructural details. The response of the concrete (expansion and cracking) is modeled by continuum damage mechanics.

The software was developed using MathWorks' MATLAB package. It is distributed as a MATLAB file that can be used immediately with MATLAB. For those without MATLAB, the software has been converted to the C programming language and should compile on platforms having a C compiler available. Both the MATLAB version and the C version are bundled in the download, along with installation instructions.

Created June 5, 2013, Updated November 7, 2019