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Score: Standards Life Cycle Management Tool

The NIST Score tool is a software tool that supports the development of data exchange standards based on the ISO 15000-5 Core Components standard.  The Score tool provides a repository and functionalities for standards developers to create, publish, and maintain data exchange standards with higher precision, quality, and productivity.  Standards are created once in the syntax/platform-independent form and can be published in various implementation-specific languages such as XML Schema, JSON Schema, or Open API specification.  In addition, Score allows the standard users to create (in a syntax/platform-independent form) a standards usage model for specific integration scenarios, and then serialize each into desired implementation-specific language.  Score has been used in production by the Open Application Group standards organization and by several major manufacturing enterprises.  The Score tool has been shown to allow as much as threefold reduction in time to create and maintain implementation specifications.  NIST will continue to add new functionalities to the Score tool as an open source project.

Sample Screenshots

Score Screenshot
Score Screenshot
Created October 3, 2019, Updated January 9, 2020