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RECIPE is a FORTRAN program for determining one-sided tolerance limits (in particular, A- and B-basis material property values) for regression models in the presence of between-batch variability.

Files distributed:

The source code, example files, and User's guide can be downloaded in the zip file  After downloading, enter the following command (under Linux/Unix systems) to unzip and unpack the file:



The software distributed consists of the following files:


     FORTRAN Source    
recipe.f    Main program   
simcov.f    Utility for determining actual confidence levels  
simpvt.f    Utility for simulating a pivotal quantity; useful for highly unbalanced data   


Since many users may not have a  Fortran compiler for Windows, the executables for the Recipe program, Simcov program, and Simpvt program are provided. These were created using the Intel Fortran compiler for Windows. Since these were created as console applications, you can run them under a Command Prompt window. These executables were created using the default array sizes.

NOTE: The  Windows Recipe executable was last updated 2017/09.  The Simcov and Simpvt executables were last updated 2008/02.

NOTE: The Recipe code has been incorporated into the Dataplot software.

Created September 30, 2010, Updated July 2, 2018