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Curated Archive for COVID-19 Research Challenge Dataset (cord19-cdcs-nist)

This GitHub repository contains a downloadable snapshot of National Institute of Standards and Technology's COVID-19 Data Repository, curated from the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) provided by the Allen Institute for AI.The COVID-19 Data Repository provides searchable CORD-19 data and metadata, including full-text extracted from the original CORD-19 JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files. It is built using the Configurable Data Curation System (CDCS) developed at NIST.

The purpose of this repository is to provide a platform-neutral means for bulk downloads of curated COVID-19 data. These downloadable archives are versioned using GitHub Releases, based on the Data Repository's schema and time-stamped archival dates, making programmatic access to the latest data (or, consistent dependency management for reproducibility) much easier for users.

Access the NIST COVID-19 Data Repository

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Created April 17, 2020, Updated June 12, 2020