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Cement Particle Screenshot

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Version 1.0 of CEMHYD3D included three computer programs (statsimp.c, corrcalc.c, and corrxy2r.c) for analyzing a segmented image of a two-dimensional cement (powder) microstructure to obtain the necessary correlation files for the two-dimensional to three-dimensional conversion of cement particles to be described subsequently. These programs have not changed and are still available for downloading from the ftp site. For version 2.0 of CEMHYD3D, an online database of cement images was created that contains representative segmented images, along with the necessary particle size distribution (PSD) and phase correlation files for creating three-dimensional microstructures. The database contains links to the ftp locations from where the PSD and correlation files can be downloaded. The complete database is available at Between the release of version 2.0 in 2000 and the issue of the current release, the database has nearly doubled in size, going from 14 to 27 different cements, of varying chemical composition and PSD.


The algorithms, procedures, and computer programs described in this report constitute a methodology for modeling the microstructural development and performance properties of cement based materials. They have been compiled from the best knowledge and understanding currently available, but have important limitations that must be understood and considered by the user. The program is intended for use by persons competent in the field of cement-based materials and with some familiarity with computers. It is intended as an aid in the materials selection, optimization, and design process.

Created June 3, 2013, Updated November 7, 2019