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ASAPS Development Dataset

The Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created the Automated Streams Analysis for Public Safety (ASAPS) Dataset to support research and development (R&D) focused on public safety communications and operations. The dataset is designed to focus on innovative approaches for information extraction across multimodal data streams and performance of fusion in real time across extracted data to generate actionable data reports about simulated and staged emergency events. One of the most important objectives of this R&D is to demonstrate how data can be used to enable decision support tools and capabilities for public safety communications and operations.

The dataset includes the following:

  • 00_Read_Me_File.txt
  • 01_User_Guide_&_Docs
  • 02_Video
  • 03_Audio
  • 04_911_Computer_Aided_Dispatch
  • 05_Social_Media
  • 06_Sensor data


The ASAPS Dataset was created by the Lafayette Group INC under contract award #GS-23F-0134N on behalf of NIST PSCR. The ASAPS Dataset represents a continuous eight-hour period and includes many parallel multimodal unstructured data streams. Within the data all subjects have been recorded in a series of staged events. Each individual participating in the data collection has consented to release all audio and video collected for research purposes only. The data collection protocol was reviewed and approved by an Independent Review Board (IRB) to ensure everyone was advised on and consented to the process prior to participation in the data collection. The data collection protocol was reviewed by the New England IRB (NEIRB) office and approved by the IRB with an expiration date of 23 April 2021. Additionally, The NIST IRB reviewed and approved the protocol for the data collection and process for providing informed consent in accordance with 15 CFR 27, the Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects. The data collection protocol was received for final administrative review by the NIST Research Protections Office (RPO) on 05/13/2020. This protocol has been reviewed in accordance with 15 CFR 27.112, Protection of Human Subjects: Review by Institution. The data is organized and annotated to be used as an R&D dataset and as such the use of the data must be restricted within the terms and conditions of this data use agreement


Created December 20, 2022, Updated January 13, 2023