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Is Your Replication Device Making An Extra Copy For Someone Else?



Celia Paulsen, Larry Feldman, Gregory A. Witte


This bulletin summarizes the information presented in NISTIR 8023, Risk Management for Replication Devices, written by Celia Paulsen and Kelley Dempsey. The publication provides guidance on protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information processed, stored, or transmitted on replication devices (RDs).
ITL Bulletin -


3D printers, 3D scanners, copiers, countermeasures, exploits, mitigation, multifunction devices, printers, replication devices, risk, risk assessment, risk management, scanners, security controls, threats, vulnerabilities


Paulsen, C. , Feldman, L. and Witte, G. (2015), Is Your Replication Device Making An Extra Copy For Someone Else?, ITL Bulletin, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, [online], (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created April 16, 2015, Updated February 19, 2017