X Wrappers for Non-Graphic Interactive Programs

Published: January 01, 1994


Don E. Libes


Expectk is a toolkit for wrapping character-oriented interactive programs in graphic user interfaces (GUIs). No changes to the programs themselves are made. This is convenient for the larger number of existing tools in the UNIX toolbox such as passwd, rlogin, crypt, fsck, and tip, that are otherwise non-programmable and could take a large amount of time to make them so. Commercial software is often similarly limited, often comes without source, and hence no way to adapt to GUIs without complete rewriting of the application itself. Expectk can also be used to combine multiple programs together for synergistic effects. The underlying programs can be entirely hidden from view.
Proceedings Title: Proceedings of Xhibition '94
Pub Type: Conferences

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expectk, GUIs, interactive programs, programs, toolkit, UNIX
Created January 01, 1994, Updated February 17, 2017