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X-Ray Transition Energies: New Approach to a Comprehensive Evaluation



R Deslattes, Ernest G. Kessler, Paul Indelicato, L de Billy, E Lindroth, J Anton


The authors combine modern theoretical calculations with evaluated selected experimental data to produce a comprehensive data resource of K- and L-x-ray transition and absorption edge energies for all of the elements from neon to fermium. The theoretical and experimental components of this work are the result of programs of parallel development extending over more than 20 years. At each of several progressively more refined comparisons, it was possible to identify theoretical components whose systematic improvement then led to the next level of refinement in comparisons with an increasingly robust experimental reference data set. We have now reached a certain practical limit in what can be undertaken with reasonable levels of theoretical effort. This limit is not very different from the practical level of accuracy that can be meaningfully associated with the experimental data. For the more prominent diagram lines, experiment and theory are concordant with a zero-centered distribution of residuals whose statistical metrics allow the uncertainties to be estimated. For the light elements (Z90) there are significant difficulties as is also the case for a few isolated elements and transitions for 20
Reviews of Modern Physics
No. 1


absorption edges, evaluated data, theoretical calculation of transition, x-ray transition energies, X-ray transition energies, X-ray wavelengths


Deslattes, R. , Kessler, E. , Indelicato, P. , de, L. , Lindroth, E. and Anton, J. (2003), X-Ray Transition Energies: New Approach to a Comprehensive Evaluation, Reviews of Modern Physics (Accessed May 25, 2024)


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Created January 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017