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X-Ray Standing Wave Analysis of Overlayer Induced Substrate Relaxation: The Clean and Bi-Covered (110) GaP Surface



A Herrera-Gomez, Joseph Woicik, T Kendelewicz, K E. Miyano, W E. Spicer


The relaxation of the surface P atoms, for both the clean and Bi covered GaP (110) surface, was studied with X-Ray Standing Wave Spectroscopy (XSW) using surface sensitive x-ray photoelectron as the XSW modulated signal. The photoemission signal of the outermost surface layer is mixed with the signal from the remaining near surface of the underlying substrate, so further analysis is required to calculate the geometry of the relaxation of the surface atoms. We present a general analysis method for extracting the geometry of the surface reconstruction that minimizes the propagation of the uncertainties associated with fitting XSW data. It takes advantage of the fact that the Coherent Distance may be more accurately determined than the Coherent Fraction in XSW data analysis. This method makes use of the electron escape depth, and it is shown that the relaxation is only weakly dependent on the uncertainties of the escape depth. Results indicate that, for the clean GaP surface, P relaxes with a small outwards rotational displacement, with the axis of the rotation located at the second-layer Ga site, whereas, for the Bi-covered case, relaxation consists of a contraction towards the second-layer Ga site. The magnitude of the contraction is not negligible, as it is usually regarded in the interpretation of LEED data and in Ab-Initio calculations.
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)


clean surfaces, surface relaxation, x-ray standing waves


Herrera-Gomez, A. , Woicik, J. , Kendelewicz, T. , Miyano, K. and Spicer, W. (2021), X-Ray Standing Wave Analysis of Overlayer Induced Substrate Relaxation: The Clean and Bi-Covered (110) GaP Surface, Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) (Accessed July 14, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021