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Workshop Report: Research Roadmap for Reducing the Fire Hazard of Materials in the Future



Rick D. Davis, Mauro Zammarano, Nathan D. Marsh


NIST hosted workshop, Future Needs for Reducing the Fire Hazard of Materials, provided an opportunity for worlds experts to come together to discuss the challenges associated with reducing the fire hazards of existing and future products that compose the built and manufactured environment. A major product of the workshop is a prioritized list of research needs, applications, and guidance for implementing a research strategy to address these fire risks. This workshop report summarizes the results of the workshop and include the following recommendations. The workshop report recommends that research on Cross-Cutting topics should be considered as the highest priority. " Real Fire Behaviors " Bench-Scale Tools " Engineered Fire Safe Products " Computational Tools The workshop report recommends that the Cross-Cutting research should target Priority Applications in order to have the greatest impact on fire losses. " Residential Upholstered Furniture " Residential Buildings in WUI Communities " Multi-Story Timber Construction " Passenger Railway Cars " High Rise Exterior Insulation.
Special Publication (NIST SP) - 1220
Report Number


fire, flammability, roadmap, materials, resilience
Created March 8, 2018, Updated November 10, 2018