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Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting: Current Status and Future Prospects



Jun Huang, Hamid Gharavi


The rechargeable battery is the conventional power source for mobile devices. Limited battery capacity and frequent recharging require researches to find new ways to deliver power without the hassle of connecting cables. Novel wireless power supply methods, such as energy harvesting and wireless power transfer, are currently receiving a considerable attention. In this article, an overview of recent advances on wireless power supply is provided, and several promising applications are presented to show the future trends. In addition, to efficiently schedule the harvested energy, an energy scheduling scheme in the EH powered D2D relay network is proposed. To be specific, We first formulate an optimization problem for energy scheduling, and then propose a modified two stage directional water filling algorithm to resolve it.
IEEE Wireless Communications


Energy Harvesting, Wireless Power Transfer, Energy Scheduling, D2D.
Created May 15, 2019, Updated November 25, 2019