Wide-field quantitative imaging of tissue microstructure using high-frequency structured light

Published: June 09, 2016


David McClatchy III, Elizabeth Rizzo, wendy wells, Jeeseong Hwang, keith paulson, Brian Pogue, Stephen Kanick


Sub-diffusive structured light imaging has been shown to accurately and quantitatively map the reduced scattering coefficient and the phase function backscatter parameter in a wide-field geometry. This study shows the first the experimental imaging of phase function based contrast in a wide field of view using optical phantoms constructed with user-tuned fractal dimensions of scatterer sizes. Maps of scattering parameters recovered from calibrated reflectance maps were in close agreement with theoretical predictions obtained with Mie theory. Measurements of ex vivo fresh breast tissue samples revealed unique clustering of scattering coefficient vs. backscattering parameter for different tissue types. This multi-scale scatter imaging approach provides maps of microscopic structural biomarkers that cannot be obtained with standard diffuse imaging and characterizes spatial variations not resolved by point-based fiber optic sampling.
Citation: Optica
Volume: 3
Pub Type: Journals


Tissue imaging, scatter imaging, structured light imaging, dark-field scatter imaging, optical biopsy, tissue optical property, breast cancer imaging, optical medical imaging
Created June 09, 2016, Updated November 10, 2018