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Web Thermo Tables – an On-Line Version of the TRC Thermodynamic Tables



Andrei F. Kazakov, Chris D. Muzny, Robert D. Chirico, Vladimir Diky, Michael D. Frenkel


It has long been understood that availability of thermophysical and thermochemical property data is vital to scientific research and industrial design. For over 65 years, the Thermodynamics Research Center (TRC) has been publishing tables of critically-evaluated data covering physical and thermodynamic properties of pure compounds, TRC Tables-Hydrocarbons and TRC Tables-Non-Hydrocarbons.  Over their long history, the TRC Tables have always been valued as a reputable source of evaluated thermophysical and thermodynamic data.   To facilitate more flexible, convenient, and up-to-date access to the data, here, we present the release of the on-line version of the TRC tables, Web Thermo Tables (WTT).  WTT is distributed to users using the Web-Oracle dissemination system recently established at NIST/Boulder.   Presently, WTT contains data for 7765 compounds and close to 900,000 individual evaluated data points.  The tabulated information includes critical properties, vapor pressures and boiling temperatures, phase transition properties, volumetric properties, heat capacities and derived properties, transport properties, reaction state-change properties, as well as index of refraction, surface tension, and speed of sound.  Various search options and data plotting capabilities are provided via the Web interface. WTT are distributed through the NIST Standard Reference Data Program (NIST Standard Reference Data Program 2008).
Computers & Chemical Engineering


Thermodynamic Properties, Database, Web Access


Kazakov, A. , Muzny, C. , Chirico, R. , Diky, V. and Frenkel, M. (2008), Web Thermo Tables – an On-Line Version of the TRC Thermodynamic Tables, Computers & Chemical Engineering (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created July 14, 2008, Updated February 17, 2017