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A Web-based 3D Glossary for Anthropometric Landmarks



Sanford P. Ressler


We have created a visual 3D anthropometric landmark glossary usable over the Web. Implemented using VRML, the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, users may easily locate and determine the names of these landmarks. Landmarks are visualized as small spheres located over the body. Users can select the landmark name and the display is adjusted to place the viewer in front of that location. In addition users can select from among different landmark nomenclatures. The landmarks also highlight when selected, giving visula feedback. In addition a number of reference planes, such as the Frankfort plane and the coronal, sagittal and transverse planes can be turned on or off. Additional display controls are available via a movable control panel. The initial set of landmark names comes from the CAESAR (Civillian American and European Surface Anthropometry Resource) project. Three versions of the system have been implemented. The first is a head only model. Names for the head model are displayed simply by moving the cursor over the spheres and no selection is needed. The other two versions, requiring the user to click a selection, function identically and illustrate the landmarks for a standing male and for a male in a wheel chair.
Proceedings Title
HCI International 2001
Conference Dates
August 5-10, 2001
Conference Title
HCI International


anthopometric landmark, arm reach volume, Frankfort plane, SAE G13, viewpoints, VRML browers, web3d


Ressler, S. (2001), A Web-based 3D Glossary for Anthropometric Landmarks, HCI International 2001, [online], (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created August 1, 2001, Updated February 17, 2017