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Wavelengths, Transition Probabilities, and Energy Levels for the Spectra of Potassium (K I through K XIX)


Jean E. Sansonetti


Energy levels, with classifications and uncertainties, have been compiled for the spectra of the neutral atom and all positive ions of potassium (Z=19). Wavelengths with classifications, intensities, and transition probabilities are also tabulated. In addition, ground states and ionization energies are listed. For many ionization stages experimental data are available; however for those for which only theoretical calculations or fitted values exist, these are reported.
J. Phys. & Chem. Ref. Data (JPCRD) -


atomic spectra, energy levels, hyperfine structure, ionization energy, potassium, transition probabilities, wave numbers
Created November 15, 2018, Updated November 14, 2018