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A Wavelength Availability Restriction Protocol for Improved WDM Network Access



M R. Frey, T D. Ndousse, David H. Su


Future broadband communication networks are intended to accommodate dissimilar traffic classes with different negotiated qualities of service. A family of network access protocols is introduced whose members artificially restrict the number of calls from different traffic classes on the network, sometimes rejecting call requests even when network circuits are available. An example is developed in which two distinct call types compete for broadcast access to a circuit-oriented communication network such as a wavelength division multiplexed all-optical broadcast-and-select network. This simple example shows that improved network access as measured by the average cost of a busy signal is possible with a protocol of imposed class-specific access constraints.
Conference Dates
October 13-16, 1998
Conference Title
International Conference on Network Protocols


division, multiplexing, network access protocol, wavelength


Frey, M. , Ndousse, T. and Su, D. (1998), A Wavelength Availability Restriction Protocol for Improved WDM Network Access, International Conference on Network Protocols (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created October 13, 1998, Updated February 19, 2017