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Waveguide Atom Beam Splitter for Laser-Cooled Neutral Atoms



D Muller, Eric A. Cornell, M Prevedelli, P Schwindt, A A. Zozulya, D Z. Anderson


A laser-cooled neutral-atom beam from a low-velocity intense source is split into two beams while it is guided by a magnetic-field potential. We generate our multimode beam-splitter potential with two current-carrying wires upon a glass substrate combined with an external transverse bias field. The atoms are guided around curves and a beam-splitter region within a 10-cm guide length. We achieve a maximum integrated flux of 1.5 x 105 atoms/s with a current density of 5 x 104 amp/cm2 in the 100- m-diameter wires. The initial beam can be split into two beams with a 50/50 splitting ratio.
Optics Letters
No. 18


guiding neutral atoms, laser cooling


Muller, D. , Cornell, E. , Prevedelli, M. , Schwindt, P. , Zozulya, A. and Anderson, D. (2000), Waveguide Atom Beam Splitter for Laser-Cooled Neutral Atoms, Optics Letters (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created August 31, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021