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Water Closet Extraction Test Acceptance Criteria-Missing Links



L S. Galowin, T M. Kenney


Performance data for water closet (WC) extraction laboratory evaluation methods applied for acceptable pass/fail criteria with mixed media waste solids is reviewed. Proposed test criteria require data that provide statistical reliability and assurance of reproducibility. Confidence in data requires solid waste(s) standard test media to be reproducible for applications in national standards. Reproducibility of test artifacts requires dimensional tolerances and specific characterized physical and chemical properties. Elimination of uncertainty can occur only when reproducible test media is specified for measurments by any laboratory. Actual discharged waste contents and loads can be quite varied so that selection of test materials requires mixed materials. The basis for required test loadings is a compromise for the adopted representation with mixed media. Simulations for test artifacts to actual load representations have not achieved a consensus by researchers for wide recognition. Disparate pratices exist throughout the world for test materials, quantity and load extraction acceptance criteria from laboratory tests. Prescribed extraction acceptance criteria for standards allow discarding data and partial extraction indications in some instances; others require complete extraction.Elements for consideration in development of test protocols from field and laboratory data for water closet performance and basis for criteria to establish acceptance are discussed. Results are illustrated for mixed media in application of data for acceptance criteria.
Proceedings Title
Plumbing Research Seminar Proceedings-CIB W62
Conference Dates
September 1, 2002
Conference Location
Iasi, RO
Conference Title
CIB W62 International Plumbing Research Seminar


acceptance criteria, performance evaluations, standards testing, waste test media, water closets


Galowin, L. and Kenney, T. (2002), Water Closet Extraction Test Acceptance Criteria-Missing Links, Plumbing Research Seminar Proceedings-CIB W62, Iasi, RO (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created September 1, 2002, Updated February 17, 2017