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W-band dual channel PM/AM noise measurement system



Archita Hati, Craig Nelson, J Nava, David A. Howe, Fred L. Walls


We discuss the performance of a W-band (92 to 96 GHz) PM and AM noise measurement system. The system uses two nearly identical channels to measure the AM or P M noise added by an amplifier or any passive component. It is principally designed to measure amplifiers in pulsed mode with a duty cycle of 5 % to 100 % (CW) at a given pulse repetition frequency. The system is calibrated using a single sideband (SSB) modulator. We describe the details of the dual-channel measurement test set and several design considerations that are essential for accurately extracting device noise from measurement-system noise. Data are presented for the noise of reference oscillator as well as for the measurement system¿s noise floor.
Proceedings Title
IEEE Intl. Freq. Cont. Symp. and UFFC Conf., Proc. Joint Mtg.
Conference Dates
August 24-27, 2004
Conference Location
Conference Title
Joint Mtg. IEEE Intl. Freq. Cont. Symp. and UFFC Conf.


AM noise, GaAs multiplier, harmonic mixer, PM noise, single sideband modulator, varactor-tuned Gunn oscillator, W-band


Hati, A. , Nelson, C. , Nava, J. , Howe, D. and Walls, F. (2004), W-band dual channel PM/AM noise measurement system, IEEE Intl. Freq. Cont. Symp. and UFFC Conf., Proc. Joint Mtg., , USA, [online], (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created August 22, 2004, Updated October 12, 2021