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Volumetric (PVT) and Calorimetric (CVVT) Measurements for Pure Methanol in the Liquid Phase



M M. Aliev, Joe W. Magee, I M. Abdulagatov


Volumetric (PVT) and calorimetric (CVVT) properties of a pure methanol were measured in the liquid phase with a twin-cell adiabatic calorimeter. Temperatures were measured in a ranged from 314 to 411 K, densities between 699.3 and 775.6 kg?m-3, and pressures to 20 Mpa. The calorimetric-cell (70 cm3 capacity) was surrounded by adiabatic thermal shielding (high vaccum) and a steel-sheathed electric heater wound tightly on its surface. The sample pressures were measured by means of a quartz crystal transducer. The relative uncertainty of CV was estimated to be 2%, with a coverage factor k=2, by combining the various sources of experimental uncertainty using a root-sum-of-squares formula. The results for pure methanol were compared with other recent measurements from by Polikhronidi et al., and present results for pure methanol. The uncertainty of the density measurements was estimated to be 0.2% (k=2). The measured desities were compared with values calcultaed with an IUPAC fundamental equation of state. Agreement of isochoric heat capacity was within 0.95% and that for density was within 0.088%. In the temperature range of this sutdy, decompositon of methanol was not observed.
International Journal of Thermophysics
No. 6


calorimetry, Cv, density, heat copacity, methanol, PVT


Aliev, M. , Magee, J. and Abdulagatov, I. (2003), Volumetric (PVT) and Calorimetric (CVVT) Measurements for Pure Methanol in the Liquid Phase, International Journal of Thermophysics (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created October 31, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021