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Visualization and Quantification of Forced In-Plane Flow Through Deformable Porous Media



H L. Friedman, R A. Johnson, V Gussev, A V. Neimark, D R. Salem, Richard~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined Parnas


Fluid flow in liquid molding processes and in other applications involving porous media is often characterized with a permeability tensor and modeled by d'Arcy's law. The permeability is a sensitive function of pore structure which, in deformable materials, is influenced by compression and extension. The majority of previous permeability measurements on composite reinforcement fabrics did not account for deformations imposed on them by corners and curves in the mold. In the present study, transparent molds were designed with a single 90 degree bend in which the gap between plates was held constant throughout the flow path. Thus, the effects of fabric curvature on permeability were investigated independently of the effects of fabric compression in the thickness direction. A new experimental system was developed to visualize and quantify fluid flow in fabrics mounted in transparent molds. The reported measurements were conducted with fluid flowing through a (vertical) flat region of fabric, around the 90 degree curve, and then along a second (horizontal) flat region. Permeability was found to be reduced by the imposed curvature for a nonwoven polyester.
Proceedings Title
Conference Proceedings
Conference Dates
September 22-25, 1998
Conference Location
Conference Title
American Society for Composites. Technical Conference


deformed media, liquid composite molding, permeability, visualization


Friedman, H. , Johnson, R. , Gussev, V. , Neimark, A. , Salem, D. and Parnas, R. (2021), Visualization and Quantification of Forced In-Plane Flow Through Deformable Porous Media, Conference Proceedings, Undefined (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021