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Viscoelastic Properties of a Resin Commonly Used in the Single Fiber Fragmentation Test



Donald L. Hunston, Gale A. Holmes, R C. Peterson


Because the fiber-matrix interface can play an important role in the performance of a composite, it has been the subject of considerable study. One of the experiments often used is the single-fiber fragmentation test. The models used to analyze the data from this tests involve a number of assumptions, on of which is the constitutive behavior of the matrix resin. To evaluate this assumption, a fragmentation apparatus was modified to include a load cell so both stress and strain could be measured during the experiment. The results show that not only is the behavior is viscoelastic, but virtually all of the fragmentation takes place in a range where the response is non-linear. To characterize this behavior, single-step, stress-relaxation experiments were conducted on a resin system often used in such tests. The results indicate that a simple power law model with strain-dependent parameters could describe the behavior over a very wide range of conditions. By using this characterization and the strain history, a crude fit to the actual loading curve in a fragmentation tests could be obtained. In order to achieve quantitative agreement, however, modified power law model was required. Such a relationship was shown to describe the loading curve for two quite different loading procedures.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings American Society for Composites
Conference Dates
September 21-23, 1998
Conference Location
Baltimore , MD, US
Conference Title
American Society for Composites. Technical Conference


composite, epoxy, fiber, interface, mechanical properties, non-linear, stress relaxation, theology, viscoelasticity


Hunston, D. , Holmes, G. and Peterson, R. (1998), Viscoelastic Properties of a Resin Commonly Used in the Single Fiber Fragmentation Test, Proceedings American Society for Composites, Baltimore , MD, US, [online], (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created September 22, 1998, Updated October 12, 2021