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Virtual-Real Quantum Interference in a Semiconductor System



H Ahn, S B. Choe, D S. Kim, J M. Shacklette, Y S. Lim


Probabability amplitude in the upper state can be induced by the off-resonant, virtual excitations as well as by the resonant, real excitations. Bytwo-color pulse shaping, we simultaneously create virtual and real amplitudes for excitons in GaAs quantum wells, and monitor population andamplitude by pump-probe and four-wave mixing spectroscopies. Population modulation in time-domain results from the interference betweenthe virtual and real amplitudes, and the modulation depth reveals the relative contributions of these two amplitudes. The fact that virtual and real amplitudes have a phase difference of 90 degrees is demonstrated for the first time in time-domain.
Physical Review Letters


exciton, semiconductors, ultrafast


Ahn, H. , Choe, S. , Kim, D. , Shacklette, J. and Lim, Y. (2008), Virtual-Real Quantum Interference in a Semiconductor System, Physical Review Letters (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008