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Vibration-induced PM noise in oscillators and its suppression



Archita Hati, Craig W. Nelson, David A. Howe


High precision oscillators have significant applications in modern communication and navigation systems, radars, and sensors mounted in unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, missiles, and other dynamic platforms. These systems must provide their required performance when subject to mild to severe dynamic environmental conditions. Oscillators often can provide sufficiently low intrinsic phase modulation (PM) noise to satisfy particular system requirements when in a static environment. However, these oscillators are sensitive to acceleration which can be in the form of steady acceleration, vibration, shock, and acoustic pickup. In most applications the acceleration experienced by an oscillator is in the form of vibration, which can introduce mechanical deformations that deteriorate the oscillator’s otherwise low PM noise. This degrades the performance of the entire electronic system that depends on this oscillator's low phase noise. This chapter is intended to introduce the subject of vibration-induced PM noise by discussing the method of characterizing acceleration sensitivity and reporting such characterization on a sample of devices operating at microwave frequencies. Schemes for reducing vibration-induced noise are also discussed.
Intelligent Aerial Vehicles
Publisher Info
I-Tech Education and Publishing, Vienna, AT


acceleration sensitivity, amplifier, optical fiber, oscillator, phase noise, vibration


Hati, A. , Nelson, C. and Howe, D. (2009), Vibration-induced PM noise in oscillators and its suppression, I-Tech Education and Publishing, Vienna, AT, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created January 1, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017