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VESPER: Visual Exploration of Similarity and Performance Metrics for Computer-Aided Design Repositories



William Z. Bernstein, Deverajan Ramanujan


VESPER is a visual analytics system for exploring similarity metrics and performance metrics derived from computer-aided design (CAD) repositories. It consists of (1) a data processing module allowing analysts to input custom similarity and performance metrics, (2) a visualization module facilitating navigation of the design spaces through coordinated, interactive visualizations, and (3) a report generation module allowing analysts to export a subset of the CAD parts for further external validation of the input similarity and performance metrics. In this paper, we discuss the need, design rationale, and the implementation details for VESPER. We then apply VESPER to (1) the sustainability-focused exploration of parts, and (2) the exploration of tool wear and surface roughness in machined parts.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the ASME 2017 Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC2017)
Conference Dates
June 18-22, 2018
Conference Location
College Station, TX
Created September 26, 2018