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A Versatile Platform for Creating Gradient Combinatorial Libraries via Modulated Light Exposure



Brian Berry, Christopher M. Stafford, Mayur P. Pandya, Leah A. Lucas, Michael J. Fasolka


Combinatorial approaches require the high throughput design and characterization of appropriate well-behaved libraries. This paper details the design, construction and operation of a system that modulates light exposure for the purpose of fabricating continuous and discrete gradient combinatorial libraries. The use of off the shelf parts and a user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) make this design particularly attractive. The versatility of this device for generating combinatorial libraries is demonstrated using dose-dependent oxidative degradation of self-assembled monolayers to create surface energy gradients and the photopolymerization of a polymeric system to create height libraries. The first demonstration illustrates how deviations from nonlinearity in the surface energy gradient can be corrected using custom user defined exposure functions. The second example illustrates the ability to create discrete regions of uniform exposure to create step gradient libraries.As a result of the versatility of this device and the ease by which complicated libraries can be fabricated, the applications of this device in combinatorial research are numerous.
Review of Science Instruments


coatings, combinatorial, exposure, gradient, high-throughput, instrumentation, light, surface energy, UV


Berry, B. , Stafford, C. , Pandya, M. , Lucas, L. and Fasolka, M. (2007), A Versatile Platform for Creating Gradient Combinatorial Libraries via Modulated Light Exposure, Review of Science Instruments, [online], (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created July 10, 2007, Updated February 19, 2017