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Vectorial second-harmonic magneto-optic kerr effect measurement



Pavel Kabos, Anthony B. Kos, Thomas J. Silva


A significant modification of an existing experimental technique based on the second-harmonic magneto-optical Kerr effect (SH-MOKE) is introduced. With a p-polarized pumping optical wave incident upon a magnetic film, the transverse component of magnetization causes a change in the second-harmonic generation efficiency of the material and the longitudinal component of the magnetization produces a change in the polarization rotation and/or ellipicity of the second-harmonic signal. This permits simultaneous hectorial measurement of the in-plane magnetization components. Examples of measured hysteresis loops from 50 nm thick permalloy films and procedures for SH-MOKE signal calibration are presented.
Journal of Applied Physics


hysteresis, magnetic thin film, vectorial magnetizaition measurement
Created May 1, 2000, Updated January 27, 2020