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Vacuum Furnace for Degassing Stainless-Steel Vacuum Components



James A. Fedchak, Julia K. Scherschligt, Daniel S. Barker, Stephen P. Eckel, Alex P. Farrell, Makfir Sefa


Ultra-high vacuum systems must often be constructed of materials with ultra-low outgassing rates to achieve pressure of 10-6 Pa and below. In such a case, any component placed into the ultra-high vacuum system must also be constructed of materials with ultra-low outgassing rates. Baking stainless steel vacuum components to a temperature range of 400 – 450 °C while under vacuum is an effective method to reduce the outgassing rate of vacuum components for use in ultra-high vacuum systems. The design, construction, and operation of a vacuum furnace capable of baking vacuum components to a temperature of 450° C while maintaining a vacuum pressure of 10-3 Pa or lower is described. The furnace has been used for extended bakes at 450 °C while maintaining pressures below 10-5 Pa.
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A


Ultra-high vacuum, UHV, extreme-high vacuum, XHV, outgassing
Created March 1, 2018, Updated November 10, 2018