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UV scale calibration transfer from an improved pyroelectric detector standard to field UV-A meters and 365 nm excitation sources



George P. Eppeldauer, Catherine C. Cooksey, Vyacheslav B. Podobedov


Calibration of the emitted radiation from UV sources, peaking at 365 nm, is necessary to perform the ASTM required 1 mW/cm^2 minimum irradiance in certain military material (ships, airplanes etc) tests. These UV “black lights” are applied for crack-recognition using fluorescent liquid penetrant inspection. At present, these nondestructive tests are performed using Hg-lamps. Lack of a proper standard and the different spectral responsivities of the available UV meters cause significant measurement errors even if the same UV-365 source is measured. A pyroelectric radiometer standard with spectrally flat (constant) response in the UV-VIS range has been developed to solve the problem. The response curve of this standard determined from spectral reflectance measurement, is converted into spectral irradiance responsivity with
Proceedings Title
Advanced Optics for Defense Applications: UV through LWIR II
Conference Dates
April 9-13, 2017
Conference Location
Anaheim, CA
Conference Title
SPIE Defense + Security


UV responsivity scale, LED-365 irradiance, broadband UV measurement, integrated radiometric quantities, LED integrated irradiance, UV-LED measurement, flat-response UV meter, pyroelectric UV standard
Created June 26, 2017, Updated September 19, 2017