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Using Joint Time-Frequency Analysis to Enhance Time-Domain Numerical EMC Simulations



Robert T. Johnk, Donna Beals, David R. Novotny


This paper describes the application of joint time-frequency analysis (JTFA) to finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations of several shielding structures. Several detailed examples are given that highlight the use and application of JTFA. Joint Time Frequency Analysis (JTFA) is a powerful tool that is used to post process waveforms obtained from time-domain numerical simulations. JFTA is applied directly to a numerically generated time-domain record, and useful parameters can be extracted using an efficient data processing sequence.
Interference Technology


Finite-difference time-domain, Fourier transform, frequency domain, joint time-frequency analysis, JTFA, penetration, shielding, signal processing, time ultrawideband


Johnk, R. , Beals, D. and Novotny, D. (2003), Using Joint Time-Frequency Analysis to Enhance Time-Domain Numerical EMC Simulations, Interference Technology (Accessed December 2, 2023)
Created June 16, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021