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Using FM Methods With Molecules in a High Finesse Cavity: A Demonstrated Path to -12 Absorption sensitivity



J Ye, L -. Ma, J L. Hall


This paper represents an effort by the authors, as developers of ultrasensitive optical absorption techniques, to make these ideas and strategies available to the wider community especially to those colleagues in whatever field who have real scientific problems which could be advanced if only they had available a higher level of absorption sensitivity. We have a few such scientific and/or applications areas in mind ourselves and, indeed, most of this work has been motivated by one of them: the dream of having a general method to produce a high performance frequency reference basically anywhere in the visible/near ir domain. For this, molecular overtones recommend themselves because of their generous spectral coverage, but it is only with the developemnt of these ultrasensitive absorption measurement techniques that this application has been heading for fruition.
Conference Dates
September 1, 1997
Conference Title
Ultrasensitive Detection: Using FM Methods


cavity enhancement, cavity ringdown spectroscopy, FM spectroscopy, sensitive detection


Ye, J. , Ma, L. and Hall, J. (1997), Using FM Methods With Molecules in a High Finesse Cavity: A Demonstrated Path to < 10<sup>-12</sup> Absorption sensitivity, Ultrasensitive Detection: Using FM Methods (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created September 1, 1997, Updated February 17, 2017