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Users' Guide for Hand-Held and Walk-Through Metal Detectors



A G. Lieberman, Kathleen M. Higgins, Nicholas Paulter


The guide provides the law enforcement and corrections (LEC) community with information concerning the theory and limits of operation of hand-held and walk-through metal weapon detectors. This guide is also intended to supplement National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards for hand-held (HH) and walk-through (WT) metal weapon detectors (see sec. 6, refs. 1 and 2). It contains information to help the user better understand the standards and their specifications. The guide also includes general training instructions for metal detector operators and supervisors, and information on where to obtain more detailed training. A brief discussion of safety topics is also contained in the guide. A list of present suppliers of hand-held and walk-through metal detectors is also provided. Throughout this guide, the HH and WT metal detectors will be referred to as HH and WT units.
NIJ Guide 600-00


concealed weapon and contraband detectio, hand-held metal detector, walk-through metal detector, law enforcement and corrections, National Institute of Justice


Lieberman, A. , Higgins, K. and Paulter, N. (2001), Users' Guide for Hand-Held and Walk-Through Metal Detectors, NIJ Guide 600-00, [online], (Accessed May 30, 2024)


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Created December 31, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021