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Use of Integrating Spheres as Uniform Sources for Accelerated UV Weathering of Advanced Materials



Joannie W. Chin, Jonathan W. Martin, Walter E. Byrd, E Embree


The primary method for obtaining laboratory weathering data for a wide range of commercial polymer products including coatings, textiles, elastomers, plastics and polymeric composites is through the use of ultraviolet radiation exposure chambers (UV chambers). Although numerous improvements have been made in the design of UV chambers over the last 80 years, the repeatability and reproducibility of the exposure results from these chambers have remained elusive. This lack of reproducibility and repeatability is attributed to systematic errors in their design, operation, and control which, in turn, have prevented comparisons of the performance of materials exposed in the same environment, comparisons of the performance of the same material exposed in different laboratories, and the comparison of field and laboratory results. This paper describes an innovative UV chamber design having a basis in integrating sphere technology that greatly reduces the magnitude of these errors, as well as provides additional experimental capabilities.Abstract of paper in Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 220th National Meeting, Pt. 2, 74-PMSE, August, 2000.
Polymer Preprints


integrating sphere, photodegradation, ultraviolet radiation


Chin, J. , Martin, J. , Byrd, W. and Embree, E. (2000), Use of Integrating Spheres as Uniform Sources for Accelerated UV Weathering of Advanced Materials, Polymer Preprints, [online], (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created August 1, 2000, Updated February 19, 2017