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U.S. Population Data for the Multi-Copy Y-STR Locus DYS464



John M. Butler, R Schoske


Population studies are important in forensic science and human identity testing to help demonstrate that STR markers are polymorphic and will help distinguish the various individuals from one another. A total of 679 male DNA samples from 3 U.S. populations were examined with the highly polymorphic multi-copy Y-chromosome STR marker DYS464. This manuscript simply describes the allele frequencies observed with our samples, which were purchased from a commercial blood bank after receiving IRB approval. These samples are being used to develop and demonstrate future DNA tests at NIST including our Y chromosome work. The Journal of Forensic Sciences has a section in each issue entitled For the Record where population studies such as this one can be reported in a simple fashion. Typically these reports contain only a brief material and methods section with tables of results. This work was funded by the National Institute of Justice as part of our on-going efforts at NIST to improve human identity testing methods and technologies. The figure below illustrates the two methods of calling alleles with the multi-copy locus DYS464. The numbers below the peak indicate the number of tandem repeats present in each allele. All four samples have the same set of alleles (14,15,18) yet different peak heights exist that can give rise to the expanded allele calling format shown below each electropherogram.
Journal of Forensic Sciences


DNA profiling, DNA typing, DYS464, forensic science, multi-copy markers, short tandem repeats, STR, Y-chromosome, Y-STR


Butler, J. and Schoske, R. (2005), U.S. Population Data for the Multi-Copy Y-STR Locus DYS464, Journal of Forensic Sciences (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created June 25, 2005, Updated February 17, 2017