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University Involvement in ATP and Effect on Project Outputs



F A. Moris, C Chang, Andrew J. Wang


Universities play a key role in the U.S. innovation system. Universities are engaged in research at the scientific and technological frontier. Private companies may choose to collaborate with universities to gain access to eminent researchers and/or to knowledge that can enhance or complement their own. Universities may be motivated to participate in industry-university research collaborations to gain access to additional research funds and/or to direct their research toward solving industry problems. The innovation process is non-linear with many feedback loops, but for simplicity sake can be characterized as following a path of knowledge creation and dissemination, technology development, and commercial application. This paper will examine the role of universities in the innovation process for research projects funded by the Advanced Technology Program (ATP). The key findings of this paper are summarized as follows:--University participation has a positive effect on knowledge creation and dissemination, as measured by journal publications;--University participation has a positive effect on research outputs as measured by journal publications, which are early in the innovation timeline, but no discernable effect on later-stage innovation outputs, as measured by filed patents and early revenues;--There are no discernable differences across technology fields in the effect of university participation on project outputs;--Project structure and the functional role of universities in a project may be important factors in determining the effect of university participation on outputs;--Projects with university participation are less likely to stop early for adverse reasons, which may reflect essential differences in the motivation or characteristics of projects with university participation.
Proceedings Title
ASA Proceedings
Conference Dates
August 1, 2003
Conference Location
Conference Title
American Statistical Association


program evaluation, project outputs, public-private partnership, research collaboration, university-industry collaboration, university-industry research


Moris, F. , Chang, C. and Wang, A. (2021), University Involvement in ATP and Effect on Project Outputs, ASA Proceedings, Undefined (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021