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Uniaxial Crushing of Cellular Sandwich Plates Under Air Blast



Joseph A. Main, George A. Gazonas


Sandwich plates with cellular metal cores are being widely considered for blast mitigation applications, due largely to the energy absorption capacity of the cellular core material. Computational simulations have shown that sandwich plates exhibit reduced deflections relative to solid plates with the same total mass. However, there has been some uncertainty regarding the effect of the thickness of the face sheet nearest the blast, because two competing effects are at work. On the one hand, reducing the thickness of the face sheet means that the blast impulse is imparted to a smaller mass, resulting in increased kinetic energy, which must be dissipated through crushing of the core. On the other hand, reducing the face sheet thickness enhances the beneficial effects of fluid-structure interaction (FSI), which leads to reductions in the impulse imparted to the system. A recent study that accounted for nonlinear compressibility effects in air blast loading on freestanding solid plates found that such impulse reductions due to FSI could be fairly significant, and an approximation was obtained that relates the incident and reflected impulses, accounting for nonlinear compressibility and FSI effects. This presentation will summarize results of an ongoing investigation into the influence of mass distribution on the uniaxial crushing of sandwich plates under air blast, accounting for the effects of nonlinear compressibility and FSI.
Proceedings Title
U.S. Army Symposium on Solid Mechanics | 17th | 2007 |
Conference Dates
April 2-5, 2007
Conference Title
U.S. Army Symposium on Solid Mechanics


Main, J. and Gazonas, G. (2007), Uniaxial Crushing of Cellular Sandwich Plates Under Air Blast, U.S. Army Symposium on Solid Mechanics | 17th | 2007 |, [online], (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created April 3, 2007, Updated February 19, 2017