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Understanding Reentrance in Frustrated Magnets: The Case of the Er2Sn2O7 Pyrochlore



D. R. Yahne, D. Pereira, L. D. Jaubert, L. D. Sanjeewa, M. Powell, J. W. Kolis, Guangyong Xu, M. Enjalran, M. J. Gingras, K. A. Ross


Reentrance is a recurring theme found in a variety of physical systems, including spin glasses and black hole thermodynamics, yet the underlying microscopic mechanisms leading to it are rarely investigated in detail. Here we provide a detailed characterization and mechanistic understanding of reentrance in the strongly frustrated pyrochlore Er2Sn2O7. Taking advantage of the recent advance in rare-earth stannate single crystal synthesis, we use heat capacity measurements to show that Er2Sn2O7 has multiple instances of reentrance in its B-T phase diagram for magnetic fields along three high symmetry directions ([100], [110], and [111]). Through classical Monte Carlo simulations, mean field theory and classical linear spin-wave expansion, we propose that the origins of the multiple instances of reentrance in Er2Sn2O7 are linked to T = 0 multi-phase competition, either induced by the applied field or the inherent proximity to a competing zero-field antiferromagnetic phase, depending on the instance. The ground state phase competition enhances thermal fluctuations that entropically stabilize the ordered phase, leading to increased transition temperatures for certain field values and thus reentrance. Our work represents a detailed examination into the mechanisms responsible for reentrance in frustrated magnets and which may serve as a guide for other reentrant phenomena in physics.
Physical Review Letters


neutron scattering, frustrated magnet, pyrochlore, reentrance


Yahne, D. , Pereira, D. , Jaubert, L. , Sanjeewa, L. , Powell, M. , Kolis, J. , Xu, G. , Enjalran, M. , Gingras, M. and Ross, K. (2021), Understanding Reentrance in Frustrated Magnets: The Case of the Er<sub>2</sub>Sn<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub> Pyrochlore, Physical Review Letters (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created December 29, 2021, Updated September 23, 2022