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Uncertainty evaluation in activity measurements using ionization chambers



Marie Noelle Amiot, V Chiste, Ryan P. Fitzgerald, F Juget, Carine Michotte, Andrew Pearce, G Ratel


Pressurized re-entrant (or 4π) pressurized ionization chambers (ICs) connected to current- measuring electronics are used for activity measurements of photon emitting radionuclides and some beta emitters in the field of metrology and nuclear medicine. As a secondary method, these instrument need to be calibrated with appropriate activity standards from primary or direct standardization. Being used over 50 years the way of measurement and bibliography is well described in numerous publications as the Monographie BIPM- 4 and in the special issue of Metrologia on radionuclide metrology for instance [8, 13, 29, 46]. The work presented here, describes the principles of activity measurements, calibration and impurity corrections using pressurized ionization chambers in the first part and the uncertainty analysis illustrated with a budget of uncertainty in the frame of the SIR in the second part.


Ionization chamber, Efficiency curve, Monte Carlo simulation, dose calibrator


Amiot, M. , Chiste, V. , Fitzgerald, R. , Juget, F. , Michotte, C. , Pearce, A. and Ratel, G. (2015), Uncertainty evaluation in activity measurements using ionization chambers, Metrologia (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created May 21, 2015, Updated October 12, 2021