UML 2 Activity Model Support for Systems Engineering Functional Flow Diagrams

Published: August 01, 2003


Conrad E. Bock


This article compares Activity models of the Unified Modeling Language, version 2 (UML 2) [U2 Partners 2003], to a popular systems engineering (SE) flow diagram, the Enhanced Functional Flow Block Diagram (EFFBD) [Long 2002], and to the requirements for a systems engineering extension for UML (UML-SE) [SE-DSIG 2003a]. Issues are identified in applying UML 2 Activities to EFFBD and to satisfying UML-SE requirements. Solutions are suggested to these issues that can be used to translate between the languages and to develop standards such as revisions to UML 2 or extensions in UML-SE.
Citation: Systems Engineering
Volume: 6
Issue: 4
Pub Type: Journals


activity model, control flow, data flow, systems engineering, UML
Created August 01, 2003, Updated November 10, 2018