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Ultrahigh and Selective SO2 Uptake in Inorganic Anion-Pillared Hybrid Porous Materials



Xili Cui, Qiwei Yang, Lifeng Yang, Rajamani Krishna, Zhiguo Zhang, Zongbi Bao, Hui Wu, Zongbi Ren, Wei Zhou, Banglin Chen, Huabin Xing


The efficient capture of SO2 is of great significance in gas purification processes including the flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and natural gas purification, but the design of porous materials with high adsorption capacity and selectivity of SO2 remains very challenging. Herein, we report the selective recognition and dense packing of SO2 clusters through multiple synergistic host-guest and guest-guest interactions by controlling the pore chemistry and size in inorganic anion (SiF62-, SIFSIX) pillared metal-organic frameworks. The binding sites of anions and aromatic rings in SIFSIX materials grasp every atom of SO2 firmly via Sδ+···Fδ- electrostatic interaction and Oδ-···Hδ+ dipole-dipole interactions, while the guest-guest interactions between SO2 molecules further promote the gas trapping within pore space, which is elucidated by the first-principles density functional theory calculations. These interactions afford new benchmarks for the highly efficient removal of SO2 from other gases, even if at a very low SO2 concentration. Exceptionally high SO2 capacity of 11.01 mmol/g was achieved at atmosphere pressure by SIFSIX-1-Cu, and unprecedented low-pressure SO2 capacity was obtained in SIFSIX-2-Cu-i (4.16 mmol/g SO2 at 0.01 bar and 2.31 mmol/g at 0.002 bar). More importantly, record SO2/CO2 selectivity (8689) and excellent SO2/N2 selectivity (12853145) were also achieved. Experimental breakthrough curves further demonstrated the excellent performance of these hybrid porous materials in removing low-concentration SO2.
Advanced Materials


SO2 capture, gas purification, metal-organic frameworks


Cui, X. , Yang, Q. , Yang, L. , Krishna, R. , Zhang, Z. , Bao, Z. , Wu, H. , Ren, Z. , Zhou, W. , Chen, B. and Xing, H. (2017), Ultrahigh and Selective SO<sub>2</sub> Uptake in Inorganic Anion-Pillared Hybrid Porous Materials, Advanced Materials, [online], (Accessed July 22, 2024)


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Created July 20, 2017, Updated October 12, 2021