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Ultra-Wideband Antenna Pattern Characterization in a Non-Ideal EM Facility



Jason Veneman, David R. Novotny, Chriss A. Grosvenor, Robert T. Johnk, Seturnino Canales


We present and analyze a procedure for performing relative, ultra-wideband antenna pattern measurements in a non-ideal EM facility. Ultra-wideband, short-impulse, TEM horn transmission measurements were performed and compared with computer-modeled radiation pattern results. These measurements allowed us to analyze radiation lobes and nulls in both bore-sight and off-axis antenna positions. The results show that the measurements performed in this testing environment agreed well with computer models.
Conference Dates
November 3-8, 2002
Conference Location
Cleveland, OH, USA
Conference Title
Antenna Measurement Techniques Association


antenna measurement, TEM horn antenna, ultra-wideband


Veneman, J. , Novotny, D. , Grosvenor, C. , Johnk, R. and Canales, S. (2002), Ultra-Wideband Antenna Pattern Characterization in a Non-Ideal EM Facility, Antenna Measurement Techniques Association, Cleveland, OH, USA (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created November 7, 2002, Updated October 12, 2021