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Ultra-low loss quantum photonic circuits integrated with single quantum emitters



Ashish Chanana, Hugo Larocque, Renan Moreira, Jacques Carolan, Biswarup Guha, Emerson Goncalves De Melo, Vikas Anant, Jin Dong Song, Dirk Englund, Daniel Blumenthal, Marcelo Davanco, Kartik Srinivasan


Photon-based photonic quantum information systems require both scalable ultra-low loss photonic circuits and high-flux sources of single-photons. Direct integration of these sources and circuits is critical to realizing quantum systems that are scalable, compact and cost effective. While substantial progress has been made towards ultra-low loss waveguides and high brightness single-photon sources, integration of these technologies has remained elusive. In this work, we report a significant advance towards this goal, in the hybrid integration of a quantum emitter with a wafer-scale, ultra-low loss silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit. We demonstrate triggered and pure single-photon emission from a III-V semiconductor quantum emitter coupled directly into a Si3N4 photonic circuit that features < 0.5 dB/m propagation loss, an order of magnitude lower than for any prior integrated quantum photonic circuit, to the best of our knowledge, and two orders of magnitude lower than for any photonic circuit with on-chip quantum emitter light sources. Using these circuits we report the observation of resonance fluorescence in the strong drive regime, a milestone towards integrated coherent control of quantum emitters. These results show promise towards wafer-scale hybrid integrated single photon circuits and the potential to implement quantum photonic information, computation and sensing systems at the chip-scale.
Nature Communications


Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits, Quantum Emitters, Quantum Dots, Ultra-low-loss waveguides, Resonance Fuorescence, Single-photon Sources, Quantum Photonics


Chanana, A. , Larocque, H. , Moreira, R. , Carolan, J. , Guha, B. , Goncalves De Melo, E. , Anant, V. , Song, J. , Englund, D. , Blumenthal, D. , Davanco, M. and Srinivasan, K. (2022), Ultra-low loss quantum photonic circuits integrated with single quantum emitters, Nature Communications, [online], , (Accessed February 24, 2024)
Created December 12, 2022, Updated December 13, 2022