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Two Stage Forming: Experimental and FE Analysis



M C. Oliveira, A J. Baptista, J L. Alves, L F. Menezes, D E. Green, Thomas H. Gnaupel-Herold, Mark Iadicola, Timothy J. Foecke, T B. Stoughton


One of the present challenges in sheet metal forming is to simulate sequential production stages, from the initial blank sheet to the final part ready for assembly. In this context, it is fundamental to evaluate the forming characteristics of the materials in multi-stage processes. This was the main purpose of the Numisheet 2005 Benchmark#3: Channel Draw/ Cylindrical Cup . The concept was to verify not only the strain fields achieved during the two stage forming process, but also to test the ability of numerical models to predict both strain and stress fields during multi-stage forming processes. Four different sheet materials were selected: mild steel AKDQ-HDG, high strength steel HSLA-HDG, dual phase steel DP600-HDG and an aluminium alloy AA6022-T43. In the first stage, a channel section is deep drawn in a channel draw die with a 75% penetration depth of the drawbead. The material that flowed through the drawbead and die radii into the channel sidewalls is prestrained by cyclic bending and unbending. The prestrained channel sidewalls are subsequently cut and subjected to near plain strain Marciniak-style cup test. Several process conditions are analysed, such as: the punch force profile and the part s geometry after springback, as well as stress and strain values at specific points of the formed part.This paper provides a description of the testing and measurement procedures for the numerical simulation of the Benchmark with DD3IMP FE code. A particular emphasis is given to the analysis of the first stage process, the Channel Draw. In fact, accurate numerical results for the first stage forming and springback are essential to guarantee proper initial state variables for the subsequ
Proceedings Title
Proceedings | | International Deep Drawing Research Group | | | IDDRG
Conference Dates
June 19-30, 2006
Conference Location
Porto, 1, PO
Conference Title
International Deep Drawing Research Group


Oliveira, M. , Baptista, A. , Alves, J. , Menezes, L. , Green, D. , Gnaupel-Herold, T. , Iadicola, M. , Foecke, T. and Stoughton, T. (2021), Two Stage Forming: Experimental and FE Analysis, Proceedings | | International Deep Drawing Research Group | | | IDDRG, Porto, 1, PO (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021