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Two Dimensional Phase Diagram of Decanethiol on Au(111)



G Poirier, W P. Fitts, J M. White


sed on variable temperature ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy data, we propose a two dimensional phase diagram of monolayerdecanethiol on Au(111). Four triple point temperatures were determined: T1 at 27 C, T2 at 33 C, T3 at 35 C, and T4 at 56 C. The T1 triple point defines the lowest temperature melting point; the T4 triple point defines the temperature above which striped phases are metastable. These data provide a fundamental framework to understand and control meso-scalemonolayer structure; moreover, they provide fundamental insight into two dimensional phase behavior of molecules with many degrees-of-freedom.
No. 4


phase diagram, self assembled monolayer, STM, temperature, two dimensional


Poirier, G. , Fitts, W. and White, J. (2001), Two Dimensional Phase Diagram of Decanethiol on Au(111), Langmuir (Accessed June 4, 2023)
Created February 1, 2001, Updated February 17, 2017